fila express

Express Line

forget about long lines! Travel without a rush.

How annoying it is to have to want in lines! make life easier with our additional Express service so that you can arrive at the airport relaxed, save time, and board without problems

How does Express Line work?

  • You can add the additional Express Line service from the moment of purchase and save time when ready to fly!
  • Our full fare already includes this service.
  • The day of your flight you just go to the check-in counter in the lane marked “Fila Express” and voilá!

How much does the Express Line service cost with Viva?

#VivaTip: It will always be more economical to purchase your additional services via the web rather than last-minute at the airport. You can save up to 60%!

The purchase of your additional services on the WEB will be available on Domestic flights up to 2 hours before your flight departure and for International flights up to 3 hours before your flight time.

Domestic routes From COP 29.000 From COP 34.000 From COP 39.000 From COP 39.000 From COP 40.000 N/A
International routes From USD 12 From USD 13 From USD 20 From USD 20 From USD 16 N/A
Peso: 10 kg / Medidas: 55x35x25 cm.
  • In Colombia payments must be made in pesos and the day’s official exchange rate applies.
  • The price may vary depending on the route.
  • Fares are non-refundable
  • Purchasing through the website-“Manage your flight” channel is priced differently than purchasing the additional service while making the initial reservation on the web.

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